Star Trek contro tutti!

Per caso ho scoperto su YouTube e simili un filone molto divertente per me e, immagino, per qualunque fan che da bambino abbia battibeccato sul tema "è più forte X o Y?".
Confesso, io tutt'ora mi diverto ad immaginare come Goldrake possa respingere i Borg, come il corpo delle Lanterne Verdi possa fronteggiare Galactus, come il Dottor Destino possa umiliare Lex Luthor, come Buffy possa sconfiggere Worf sul ring, come Picard riesca a convincere 8472 e Voth ad entrare nella Federazione per sconfiggere un esercito nemico guidato da Trelane...
Eccovi una selezione dei video che ho trovato più divertenti o interessanti per il montaggio... vanno dal trash allo slash, ma ce ne sono davvero di ben fatti!

Star Trek vs. Star Wars
What would happen if the starship Enterprise encountered the Death Star?

Battlestar Galactica Vs Star Wars Vs Star Trek Vs Babylon 5

Star Trek vs Babylon 5
Clip from

Star Trek vs Star Wars The Wrath of Khan
A Video My Friend John And I Put Together In 1996
using VHS movies and a Old video switcher

Star Trek vs. Star Wars vs. Babylon 5
What would happen if Q pitted the USS Voyager and the Excalibur vs. a Star Destroyer and a squadron of tie fighters?

Star Trek Vs. Battlestar Galactica
What if the Galactica found Earth in the 23rd Century and unfortunately the route takes them through Klingon space!!!!!! And of course the galactic geek question: "Who would win if the Enterprise fought the Galactica?"
This video is probably about the 15th edited version of this question. A friend of mine and I edited the original called "The All Out Attack" back in high school/1983 using his betamax and my VHS deck. We'd have all night editing marathons on the week-ends. In 2002 I re-edited a 90 minute version called "Conquest of the Galaxy" using better VHS tapes for fun, and to see if it was possible using some many different elements, and "craft/edit" a co-hesive storyline, from programs that were never meant to be together. "A 90 minute version, are you insane?" LOL. Yes I am. But surprisingly, it works. This 9 minute version plays like a explosion trailer. But its fun, if you like to watch Birds or Prey fight Vipers! It is what is, but I hope you'll enjoy the diversionary sci-fi romp.

Federation vs. the Empire
A nerd wonders, in a battle between the
Federation and the Empire, who would win?

Star trek VS Babylon 5
Ships from Star Trek and Babylon do battle.
the second battle between Star Trek and Babylon 5

Star Trek vs. Chetniks
Star Trek redux about Enterprises encounter with Chetniks.

The Simpsons vs Star Trek
The Simpsons theme meets capitan Kirk. Performed with Rhodes piano, Theremin and funnel.

Fan made slash (t. jonsey & killa, neither of whom am I) re-edit of Star Trek OS. One of the best you'll ever find posted here since I've not seen it anywhere else.

Star Trek VS Batman
A fanfilm based on the 1960's television shows Star Trek and Batman. In a time warp, the crew of the USS Enterprise arrives in 1967 to encounter the Dynamic Duo. An explosive and fun confrontation between two of the greatest TV shows of all time!

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